About Melior Innovations

Melior Innovations is a materials technology company. Our mission is the creation and delivery of disruptive technologies that drive lasting change in our chosen markets, creating new and unique opportunities for customers, partners, suppliers, employees and investors.

Innovation is the creation and application of better solutions that meet articulated or existing market needs.

It cannot be taught, it cannot be transferred, it cannot be replicated … it is driven by intellectual curiosity, culture, a drive to make things better and not accepting the status quo. Innovation is the engine that drives economies, the intangible which makes things interesting, improves efficiency, improves quality, and improves life.

Innovation is truly anti-formulaic. Innovation is often confused with incrementalism; the corporate need to improve a product without innovation. Great innovations have made something from nothing, producing a product, process or market which was beyond the scope of society.

Melior Innovations is built on a culture of pushing the envelope to create better solutions AND apply them to market needs. Led by a talented blend of innovators and operators, Melior Innovations is uniquely positioned to drive innovation in products and costs and deliver it to its intended markets.